Mystery Train #66

Absences edition

The underlying mood of this show is sensing an absence and missing someone. Remembering those who are not here and longing for them.
It features music by Dope Lemon, Kurt Vile, Arcade Fire, UNKLE, Sandy Denny, Merrell Fankhauser & HMS Bounty, The Stranglers, John Coltrane, Kostas Karalis, Alan Vega & Christophe et al.

Mystery Train #32

Time for a ride edition

A mellow ride in old soundtracks, soul, hip hop, indie pop & rock, and enchanting oriental sounds. Our companions are Leo Sayer, Stereolab, Nino Ferrer & Radiah, OutKast, America, Sibylle Bayer, Kanye West & Kid Cudi, Stelvio Cipriani, Supertramp, Naxatras, Amina Alaoui et al.

Mystery Train #15

Oh, so softly edition

This might well be Mystery Train‘s gentlest -yet powerful- trip. A journey through electronica, opera, jazz, rock, folk and cinematic compositiions. Featured artists are Patsy Cline, Yello & Shirley Bassey, Cibelle, Devendra Banhart, Johann Johannsson, Manos Hatzidakis, Henri Purcell, Bill Frisell, Fairport Convention, Ane Brun et al.