Mystery Train #91

Before and after edition

A show that travels back and forth in time, before and after the end of summer -and any life change, really..
Featuring songs by The Vibrators, Blondie, Thompson Twins, Elvis Costello and The Roots, Tim Maia, Holly Golightly, The Feelies, Durul Gence, Dengue Fever, The Black Heart Procession, Spain et al.

Mystery Train’s theme song

It’s been many months since the show acquired a distinctive intro theme. It so happens to be the first thing that I ever played on air, and it’s both driving and atmospheric. I’m talking about Pipeline, from The Chantays -the original and definitive version of this surf rock classic. There have been occasions where I used other songs (once, even a great Bill Frisell Pipeline cover) but for frequent listeners this tune means Mystery Train is on.

I thought it would be boring for you to listen to it every time you press play on these podcasts. It really has no point without the talking and welcoming that takes place during the live broadcast. But I believe it deserves a special place on this blog!

What is Mystery Train?

Mystery Train is a radio show, broadcast live every Tuesday at 18:30 UTC on the internet radio station . It usually lasts about 2 to 2,5 hours, depending on the whim of BigSur , its creator and presenter .

The show is a trip through various musical genres, ranging from classic and alternative rock, punk, pop, soul, blues and electronica to jazz, opera, classical and world music.

It all started in September 2017, when a small group of people -who happened to get acquainted on a vaping forum of all places!- decided to share the music they loved with their friends. In the beginning there was no talking, just a mixtape sensibility. Gradually most of them started using microphones, and the live broadcasts became proper “programs”.

In the Mystery Train blog there will be no spoken word -it would all be greek to you anyway, since VapeRadio producers are indeed Greeks! But here’s the music in all its unexpected variety, curated by yours truly. Just sit back, relax and enjoy.

[Oh, and if you happen to be a vaper like me, enjoy some of your favorite e-liquid while you’re at it!]