Steve Winwood can’t find his way home

Sound discoveries #2

Steve Winwood‘s Can’t Find My Way Home first appeared in Blind Faith‘s eponymous 1969 album. I’ll keep it short: in my opinion it’s one of the best songs ever recorded. It’s one of many peaks in Winwood’s long and awe-inspiring career, but this one holds a special place in my heart.

I was glad to discover this solo, acoustic rendition of his song. Just his voice, his guitar playing and the occasional crackling of a log in the fire. A great artist revisiting an old masterpiece.

Victoria Wood told me to do it

Sound discoveries #1

I found this gem while watching clips of classic English comedy. Victoria Wood was maybe the first comedienne to establish herself in the predominantly male environment of the UK comedy of the ’70s. She had a very successful career up until her untimely death in 2016. Apart from her acting, writing and comedic abilities, she was an accomplished singer-songwriter, and the amazing Ballad Of Barry & Freda (Let’s Do It) is a great example of that (even if it owes much to Cole Porter).

This hilarious song tells the story of a middle-aged couple who has lost the passion for sex. Until Freda feels the strong urge to rekindle it right here and now -much to the astonishment and terror of Barry. “Beat me on the bottom with the Woman’s weekly” may well be the funniest sexy demand I ever heard!